Our Story

We are a small candle business based in Didsbury, Manchester. It was founded in 2020 as the need to practice self care and slow living became a priority. We focus on connecting to the places you are, the areas you're from and the idea of home.

Shop Homebodies is about celebrating your journey and creating peaceful moments that lighting a candle can gift you.

Candle Jar Recycle Scheme

It's really important to always find ways to minimise waste thats why we are introducing our candle jar recycle scheme. If you return a jar once its finished, you will receive £3 off your next order. At the moment we can only do this for in person/collection orders.


When starting Homebodies I knew I wanted to make sure that the product was sustainable and that it brings joy to the customer. This is the top influence of my decision making process. I have swapped out things like plastic packing for sustainable options. Our Candles are all vegan friendly in every aspect even down to the labels. We are also taking part in a carbon offset scheme to help balance out the the carbon used for shipping.